Patent Royalty Checklist For Inventors

[ ] Invention Has A Full Patent

  • A Full Patent shows that you have the intellectual property for the unique invention.

  • There are another 153 other countries where that patent could expand to.

[ ] Patent Invention Manufacturing

  • To scale globally there needs to be a manufacturing process that can scale.

  • This can be in house or outsourced.

[ ] Patent Invention Sales

  • Sales of your patented product shows market demand in one country.

  • This sales history could be used for sales forecasts in other countries.

[ ] Patent Licensing Partner

  • A licencing agreement with an international Company / Entrepreneur is needed for Patent Royalty.

  • Global Patent Exchange can help match Inventors with Entrepreneurs for licensing agreements that create patent royalties.

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Patent Manufacturing Sales History for Global Patent Agreement and Patent Royalty
Patent Royalty Checklist

How to prepare for global patent royalties.