Patent Licensing Agreements for Inventor Royalty Payments
How to license a patented product using Global Patent Exchange

Patent license agreement checklist


  • Full patent in at least one country. This will be used for a PCT patent in other countries. 
  • Sales in the patent country. Sales history will help with licensing negotiations.
  • Documented product build process. The product must be ready to scale. 
  • Have the ability to export your patented product. Product export can be used initially in a new country.

Global Market Research

  • Work out which international markets suit your patent product. There are 154 patent countries. 
  • Consider the market size relative to the costs of setting up a PCT patent and license agreement there
  • Prepare a Product Description of the Patent Product for the target market
  • Use the Customer Segment Research Tool below to define your ideal customer avatar. 
  Customer Segment Research Tool Work out your target market size, competition and ideal customer.   

List Your Patent


Global Patent Exchange Activity

  • Global Patent Exchange help match your patent with suitable international organisations
  • Entrepreneurs and Companies want to expand their product range for business growth
  • Patent Product License Agreements allow new patent products to go into new countries

Terms and Conditions

  • Exclusive license into select countries can be arranged using your patent attorney
  • Product supply agreements can be arranged for initial product supply for a fixed fee per item
  • Manufacturing agreements can be arranged in foreign countries when demand is known
  • Companies pay royalties at the agreed royalty rate per item sold
  • Inventors can earn royalty income from each country with a licencing agreement
  Allow 2 months for the new country patent and licensing to be negotiated where both parties agree.  You select which patent attorney to use.   

Inventor Intellectual Property Advantage

  • New country patent licensing is scalable
  • Collects royalties from multiple countries
  • Royalties are paid and inventors get multiple streams of income ongoing
  • Manufacturing can be grown locally or internationally as agreed
  • Inventor Global Impact and Expansion is achieved without the high capital overhead

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