Patent Licensing Agreement as a Business Scaling Strategy

Insider Patent Licensing Agreement Secrets of How to Keep Scaling Your Business

Business Plan

The goal is to increase business scaling using new products in new markets using product licensing agreements. More products can be used to gain more market share and increase business value. This strategy can be applied repeatedly over the long run.   Product licensing agreements can be achieved in approximately 2 months. New products can be sourced from the inventor's existing supply chain.     Business can avoid the research and development phase (save time). They can also avoid the iteration product refinement phase (save more time). Manufacturing already exists and can be duplicated in your target market later. This means you can deliver a quality product from the beginning quickly. 

Growth and Scale

New licensed products should complement your existing product range which can raise average order value and fill out your value ladder. This in turn will raise lifetime customer value and result in company scaling.   Your new product(s) have an existing target market with your customer list. More products available increase the offers that can be provided over the year’s schedule.     Company share price and valuations can rise upon new product announcements. Manufacturing also scales with more global sales. Team members and company culture can grow with the new products.

Licensed Products

There are over 13 million global patents. Patent applications can be applied in 154 countries. Finding a successful patented product that wants to license in your country is hard work.    Global Patent Exchange helps find matching patented products willing to license in global countries. This saves you time. Global Patent Exchange already has the listed patents willing to license, target markets, customer segments defined and sales history. Also existing product manufacturing exists to scale faster.   The skill sets required to implement product range growth is simplified with Global Patent Exchange. Use our Customer Segment Research Tool below to help identify customer product needs and demand. Customer Segments can also be used with your marketing campaign for your new products.   Customer Segment Research Tool Work out your target market size, competition and ideal customer. 

Licensor and Licensee (Inventor Patent and Entrepreneur / Company)

Download the 3 Checklists for Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Patent Attorneys List your target market countries. Note your industry sector.  Note your new product expansion desires. 

Exclusive License 

  • Contact Global Patent Exchange.
  • Provide your business name, target country, industry sector and product desires. 
  • Global Patent Exchange will help match your requirements with suitable products
  • When both parties agree with proceeding then country patents and licensing agreements can be created 
  • Product supply and / or manufacturing agreements can also be created

End Goal

  • Leverage intellectual property from around the world for your business strategy
  • Bring new patent products in your chosen markets quickly to drive new sales and business scaling
  • New patent products can create license grants for exclusive product rights in your country
  • The number of new products added to your company portfolio is scalable over the short and long term
  • Your company rapid growth rate can be successfully scaled with your new product range

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