Let me tell you about an Inventor who wished for Global Impact
Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time, there was a  local inventor.

Inventor wished to become a global impact inventor.

Every day, they thought about nothing else but leverage patents into profitable business and leverage patents for global opportunities.

Some might even say that Inventor was obsessed. Others said they were wishful dreamers with no chance of success. 

All Inventor could think about was how they could know the global opportunities potential for patents as fast as possible. 

They knew if they could just know the global competitors to their patent in the marketplace and work out the potential for scaling , their life would be amazing.

But after a while, people started to wonder if they'd ever truly get started toward their goal. 

Truth be told, the Inventor was even starting to doubt if their goals were anything more than just a daydream.

Then one day something happened that would change everything...

Inventor overheard a commercialization to market entry cost close to them making jokes and saying there was no way Inventor was ever going to create an ongoing income from creativity and patents... let alone provide global impact from ideas, patents and commercialization!

That was it! Inventor was so mad they could barely see straight. 

In that moment they made a commitment that no matter what it took, they were going to figure out how to make this work!

At that very moment, Inventor resolved to go "all in" with leverage patents into profitable business! 

And that is when their journey to becoming a global impact inventor truly began. 

They were no longer wishing for it or waiting for it... they were on their way.

Unfortunately, that's also when Inventor got smacked with some hard truths. 

Because it's one thing to say you're committed to creating maximum positive impact using my inventions...

To say you want to create an ongoing income stream using inventions and enable users of invention to get jobs done, save time, save money or make money...

It's quite another thing to actually get into action and do it!

Like many local inventors at this stage in their leverage patents into profitable business journeys, Inventor realized they faced some critical questions with no immediate answers...

  • What does it cost to setup invention with patent business in a different country
  • What is the potential market size for my invention in various countries
  • What is the invention competition in various countries

That's when cold, hard reality really set in for Inventor.

They realized I do not have the capital for global patents.

They also came face to face with the fact that how do I run the business across global territories and what partners are needed to drive global expansion.

They were haunted by the idea that I do not know how to scale business globally.

And the thought that I do not know how to measure the global potential for my invention didn't help either. &

But it was the crippling notion that I do not have the funds for global expansion which caused them to truly hit rock bottom.

Before they knew it, Inventor found themself stuck in a deep, dark tunnel of fear and self-pity.

And they sat there for what seemed like forever, ready to quit.

Then, when the situation seemed completely hopeless, a light appeared... a beacon of hope in the inky darkness.

As if by chance, Inventor discovered the Global Patent Exchange  and saw how things could turn around for them in as little as 2 months.

Because of that Free Checklist Report, they clearly saw how they could make global patent expansion possible without limiting patent impact to one country only.

With that discovery, Inventor made a decision.

Enough was enough!

No matter what it took, nothing was going to stop them from figuring out how to fund global patents.

They would do whatever it took to fund global business expansion and how to manage global business expansion.

With that clarity of purpose came peace, focus... and action!

Things really started to take off for Inventor.

They were able to learn the framework for patent global expansion.

They were also able to provide global partner opportunities to fund global expansion.

And finally, they were also able to provide a platform to license inventions into new countries.

Before they knew it, Inventor's wildest dreams of being able to create an ongoing income from creativity and patents and provide global impact from ideas, patents and commercialization came true!

They had become a global impact inventor.
And that's the story of how Inventor transformed from a local inventor to a global impact inventor because they understood the secrets of "How To Create Global Licencing Agreements"

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