Global Patent Expansion

(My 5 Step Strategy For Reach Global Markets With Inventions!)

Presented by Angelo Coco

Global Patent Expansion

Let me tell you a quick story...

  • You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today.
  • Let me tell you a quick story about trying to commercialize ideas from a regional area without local support; this required a new team to manage new idea development / patent / commercialization.
  • At the time I was trying to facilitate the steps from idea to commercialization.
  • I was struggling with coordinating with partners in distant capital cities.
  • And I was getting more and more frustrated.
  • Then something really bad happened: there were excellent ideas that failed to commercialize quick enough from a regional area.
  • Which meant I couldn't help inventor create a profitable business model using patented products.
  • As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of realizing the innovation being generated in the local are that could go global.
  • Then I discovered global licensing agreements.
  • At that point, everything changed!
  • I discovered out how to:
  • - Using licencing agreements can help get patent products into new countries
  • - Creating international partnerships can generate more product sales and royalties
  • - Resourceful entrepreneurs can get new patent products into markets within 2 months
  • Because I was introduced to global licensing agreements, I was able to:
  • - Expanding into up to 154 countries is possible with licensing agreements
  • - Engage companies who can leverage 13 million patents to get products into new markets
  • - Help patent attorneys with delivering client agreement projects and value for global expansion
  • Now I'm living my dream of realizing the innovation being generated in the local are that could go global and I never have to worry about developing ideas in a regional area ever again.
  • And that's why I'm sharing with you about "Global Patent Exchange - Patent Listing" so you can experience realizing the innovation being generated in the local are that could go global too!

Big Picture Strategy For Reach Global Markets With Inventions:

  • Viable Business Model and Patent in One Country
  • 2-3 Country Patents
  • 2-3 Country Patents and Markets
  • Several Country Patents with Licensing
  • All Possible Patent and Markets

Viable Business Model And Patent In One Country

  • Control of manufacturing
  • Control of distribution

2-3 Country Patents

  • Still in control of manufacturing
  • Still in control of distribution

2-3 Country Patents And Markets

  • Multiple manufacturing sites
  • Multiple distribution sites

Several Country Patents With Licensing

  • New outsourced manufacturing
  • New outsourced distribution

All Possible Patent And Markets

  • With licensing
  • Outsourced manufacturing
  • Outsourced distribution

Examples Of This Framework In Action:

  • 3rd Party Logistics can help with Distribution centres
  • Licensing agreements and manufacturing agreements can be made at the same time by Patent Attorneys
  • Macket Bracket has reached major global markets
  • Snap Brim for hard hats has achieved Global Markets Success 

Final Thoughts:

  • Invention Pathways can assist with the idea to patent and commercialization
  • Global Patent Exchange can find international partners for Licensing agreements

    Next Steps

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