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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Royalties for Patents?


When a licensing agreement is created you get paid a royalty for each patent product sold. 

There are 154 countries were patents can be created. A licence can be created by country.

Global Patent Exchange helps create partnerships using licencing agreements to expand globally.

How  can  I  sell  my  invention?

First , protect your invention with a Provisional Patent / Full Patent. Read More: The Idea to Invention System

Do It Yourself Commercialization - Your skills and capital is used. You earn 100% from the business development. 

Collaboration Commercialization - Create a Partnership or Joint Venture. Earnings are proportional to effort and capital.

Fully Managed Commercialization - Commercialization is done for you. You earn a % in royalties. 

Your patent protects you in the country where it was issued. 

Global Patent Exchange help inventors of patent products to find Partners in other countries for global expansion.

How do you make money from patent licencing?

If you manufacture your patent product then you can earn income as a global supplier.

If you have a licence agreement, you can earn licensing royalties for each patent product sold within the agreement.

Global Patent Exchange helps match Company Entrepreneurs who want to expand their product range with inventors with suitable products.


What are the advantages of patent licensing?

  • Entrepreneurs can expand their product range used proven patent products into their markets quickly
  • Inventors of patent products can expand globally using patent licensing
  • Entreprenuers can leverage existing manufacturing to import products initially
  • Inventors can earn more with manufacturing sales and royalties
  • Global Patent Exchange helps match Inventors (licensor) with Entrepreneurs (licensee) for licensing agreements

Patent Licensing Agreement for Inventors and Company growth